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Welcome to The URL Atlas. We are a web directory with new categories and website links getting added regularly. We provie you with great lists of URL's to get you to the right resources on the huge world of the internet. If you have a website of your own, we are more than happy to list you for FREE. If we find your website suitable and useful, we will add you within a week.

What is a web directory?

Web directory and search engine are often used together in the same topic. Web directories (like us) are organized by real people. These people review thousands of websites and pick the most special. On the other hand, search engines are automated, which means all the results are picked by a computer program. Most of the time they lack the abilities of real human reviewers. Even if they are both very special technologies they serve to different interests most of the time. A search engine can be used to find information where you have very little information about and willing to find the source of a certain line where a web directory lists all the important and valuable websites you need according to your interests. For example, our aim at The URL Atlas is to provide you only the top and most valuable websites for each category.

Directories like ours are aiming to get the home page URL's of websites where a search engine searches the deep links in each website and brings up the related information. It has to be understood that they both serve very different purposes when you take a look into it deeply. We believe you will love our directory more than any other!