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Dr. Website: Who's Watching My Site? ; Laying Out Images ; Setting Up a BBS ; E-Mail Explosion
The good Doctor lays it all out while laying it down, although after all this work maybe he should just lie down for a while.
JavaScript "Fading Rollover" Uses OnMouseOver and OnMouseOut events with a series of images to create a fade effect. Recently re-written to be more efficient and cross-browser compatible with Netscape and Internet Explorer. Stunning!
JavaScript "Line Wrapper" Wraps entries in a textarea box to whatever number of characters per line you want. For example, The script can automatically insert a return after each 50 spaces, so that the form contents you receive are more readable.
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Welcome to the SUP Web Site

Soup's Up Programming can take your company or product and place it on the Web. We specialize in classy Web sites that present your information without making your site look like the Las Vegas strip. We will help you Conceptualize your Web site! One of the hardest tasks is often figuring out exactly how you wish to position yourself on the marketplace. (http://webprogramming.com/ *1999*)
What about the Search Engines? We can submit your site to all the major search engines, along with a whole slew you never knew existed!
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Dr. Website's Top Questions Lots of experience in the answers Top Utility Software Packages These are some of the best packages we've found! New on the Web Developer Channel Welcome to Apache
The Apache Web server is probably the most popular Web server in use today. This article covers the basics of Apache configuration (first part of a series).
The Perl You Need to Know: Part 7 - Dabbling in Live Databases: MySQL The Perl You Need to Know, Part 7 focuses on setting up MySQL and understanding its various management complexities. Learn how to create a MySQL database and populate a table with data.
E-commerce in the UK Multimillion pound savings are emerging from use of the Web in the UK. Investment bank Schroders are looking to cut over one million pounds from their annual buying costs, by streamlining the buying process. Sutton and East Surrey Water have introduced an online payment system which is forecast to save them a million pounds a year. However, it's not all a smooth ride, as Freeserve will confirm.
JavaScript "Credit Card Validation" Validates a credit card number the user enters based on the rules of that card such as the value of first digit, the number of digits, as well as several other computations. Useful for online order form validation.
Maximum Impact: The Art of Developing Strategic Business Plans If you are an entrepreneur seeking the investments of venture capitalists, then one of the first steps you'll need to take is creating a killer business plan. Our EC Consultant walks you through the steps of creating your master plan in Part I.
Dating Your Customers You wouldn't walk up to the first stranger in a bar and propose marriage, so why, in the age of the Internet, do we throw ads at people we don't know, trying to sell them something they may not need?
JavaScript Tip of the Day Archive By popular demand we've created an archive of the Doc's daily tips. Check back every day (even on weekends) for a new booster shot of JavaScript wisdom. Don't be afraid, he really is a Doctor. By Dr. Yehuda Shiran.
Today in ISP-Planet: Make Banner Ads Work for You If you have a website, you should be selling--or at least using--your prime ad real estate. Whether it's cash, self-promotion, or some pro bono cause, banner ads can provide it. Click here to learn the ropes.
New Applet on the JavaBoutique: PieChart A customizable pie chart generator; just load your data into the parameter tags. Source included!
Editors' Picks: Some of Our Favorite Articles Reviews, Reviews, Reviews Product reviews -- both hardware and software -- and book reviews galore. Back to Basics: META Tags This extremely popular article can get your site zooming on the search engines. JavaScript Tutorial This is possibly the most-requested single article at the entire site! WebDeveloper.com Tutorials Here's a special page with links to all our tutorials! WebDeveloper.com Book Series Did you know that WebDeveloper.com has its own series of books, published by Wiley Books? How to Buy a Domain Name Learn the tricks of buying and registering a domain name.